Alden of Carmel

Cigar Shell Cordovan Indy Boot 86980H (AF68) by Alden of Carmel (2007)



・Model:Indy Boot/インディブーツ



・Material:Shell Cordovan/コードバン

・Last:Trubalance last/トゥルーバランスラスト

・Exclusively Made For Alden of Carmel

・Made in 2007

・As far as I know this is the first style of Cigar Indy Boot in Alden. It has brownish shade that differs from recent Cigar. It also has machine sewing on the vamp. Now stitching for shell cordovan is usually by hand sewing. Posted some pics of Cigar Indy 40566C made in 2016 to compare machine sewing and hand sewing.